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Coach Damieyon Titus


Coach Titus was born and raised in North Texas. At an early age Titus has been an all-around athlete, competing in football, track, basketball, and baseball during his high school years. Titus’s success during high school was attributed to the love and encouragement from his adoptive family who pushed him to achieve more than anyone in his family had. Titus was offered multiple basketball and football scholarships and played for the University of Southwestern Kansas. After a life changing injury at the peak of his academic career Titus pivoted to a new path by joining the United States Navy. He continued to play basketball and football during his 10 years of service in the Navy. After separating from the Navy to be a present father for his young son he could not shake the desire to be involved in sports and give back to young children searching for a path in life like he had.

Titus began coaching youth basketball as an assistant coach in Mckinney Texas for 5 years, then pivoted to a head coach position, taking 3rd-8th grade youth boys to multiple championships. After moving from Mckinney to the Fort Worth area Titus not only continued to have the desire to coach but to create his own basketball organization, offering professional coaching and skills training to children who could not afford the high costs of tournament basketball the tournament community is known for. His goal in doing this was to build skills, teach work ethic, encourage structure and be a positive male role model to youth boys. In doing this, Titus began to grow a following of devoted children and parents. Since starting his basketball organization (Titus Nation Hoopers) he has taken a team who could barely dribble a ball to winning multiple championship in tournaments in less than 1 year. Coach Titus believes “if you make every choice and action with a loving and thankful heart, you will always overcome obstacles and be successful.”

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