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Letter From The Founder

I am Orrick Broom, Founder of Goal Chasers Inc. Goal Chasers is an organization geared to young men from the ages of 5-12, but are not limited to those ages. The objective of Goal Chasers is to mentor, guide, teach, and provide the tools to help our young boys to become great men for our future.Life is very challenging and the challenges are ongoing. I am 41 years of age and face challenges constantly.  As I face these challenges, I reflect and ask myself; “What could have changed sooner for me if I would’ve known certain things earlier in life?  How would different decisions and/or choices have had a different outcome? What could have been different for me in my younger years to give me a different mentality when making choices or trying to overcome obstacles?”  One thing that is a constant question for me is “If I would’ve had my father constantly in my life or if I would’ve had a dedicated mentor/coach around more, maybe I could have avoided some obstacles and knew how to get around them instead of having to go THROUGH them.” That is the main goal of Goal Chasers to help our youth to stay focused and help teach them how to conquer the things of life and become successful in whatever it is that they would want to be and provide the resources to make this become reality in every way for them.  God instilled this vision in me years ago and I procrastinated on beginning this journey.  After the birth of my 2nd son in 2016 the vision hit again, and I begin coaching Pee Wee Sports.  I knew God was directly putting me in position where I could not escape my destiny any longer. My heart is for the young generation as they are truly our future. I am the son of a single mother and I see so many single mothers/fathers raising our young kids alone these days. Everyone’s situation is different and I do not dare judge anyone.  I feel kids should have guidance, someone they can look up to, and trust outside of their home, also.  We have to get back to the root of it all. No house is built from the top down. We have to get back to creating a strong surface/foundation so we won’t be knocked down easily.     With my youth football teams, I try to create a family environment. I believe in being transparent with all my players and their parents. Every kid that I come in contact with I try to put some kind of positive stamp in their minds that they will never ever forget.  I teach that the strongest “muscle” we have is our brains. No matter how good you are in athletics; no matter who has the strongest legs, triceps or biceps that is obsolete if you never exercise your MIND. NO HEAD NO BODY and that’s the mentality I live and teach daily… I pray that Goal Chasers will continue to Grow, teach, guide, and reach many nationwide and be a impact to kids lives here on earth forever…

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