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Fisherman of Men Global

Coach "J" (Julius Nichols)

Julius L. Nichols is a Chicago native who grew up on the city’s Southside.  Also, he owes some of his childhood experiences and life lessons to the westside neighborhoods of Compton, CA.  Julius is the product of a working-class single-parent home, being raised by his father. Growing up, Julius developed a sense of responsibility at an early age. Being the oldest of 3 children, Julius often found himself having to look after and care for his younger siblings while his father worked long days to provide for them. At this time little did Julius know or understand that this would be his preparation phase which would set the stage for what his future would become. As Julius watched his father work tirelessly to provide a future for him and his siblings, he began to become a firm believer that hard work pays off. Julius proudly wears the title of father, husband, brother, son, coach, and everybody’s favorite uncle. He loves, honors, respects, and holds high regard for the institution of family and what it stands for.  Julius L. Nichols is the Founder and CEO of Fishers of Men Global, a community-driven, non-profit organization, dedicated to the growth and development, and overall character-building of today’s youth and men of all ages.  Meeting and serving these men in the communities where they are. Through mentorship, coaching, moral support, and the execution of fundamental core life skills and values, that will become the firm foundation needed to propel these gentlemen on a trajectory for success. Julius’ compassion for his fellow man has compelled him to take on the role of a societal general contractor in a sense. He believes that every great monument in existence, it’s construction comes from the ground up. By first starting with a vision, executing that vision, and laying a firm foundation. Julius also understands that some structures just need a little T.L.C. or in other words a few renovations. So those who have the opportunity to become part of the Fishers of Men Global family are considered to be projects under construction. Being chiseled and strongly built men who strive for excellence and constantly develop and evolve into their own best selves. This evolution will give them the preparation that will allow them to tackle whatever life has to throw at them.

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